Structure Design

The organizational structure should be designed to support it to achieve its goals efficiently.


Generally the firms structures are build "on the go" as new needs arise, leading to a complex and often inefficient organization (with tasks duplication and gray areas where responsibilities are not defined).


The design process starts with the analysis of how is the organizational structure today, the possible structures it can adopt, and give our recommendation on what would be most appropriate for YOUR company.


This depends on the characteristics of the company, its strategic goals and critical success factors. In some organizations these elements are clearly defined, and in others, we work together to clarify and / or define these concepts.


The process involves:


  • Work on the organization chart.
  • Identify the key functions of each position.
  • Outline what the roles and responsibilities of the different positions are.
  • Analyze how the power relations are: Who reports to whom? .
  • Plan what the margin of discretion is handled in each position.
  • Establish how the control is structured.
  • Analyze the mechanisms of communication and coordination between companies areas and people.
  • Identify what systems need to be in place for the company to achieve its objectives efficiently.



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